Gentle Dental Hygiene Care

Gentle Dental Hygiene CareAt Richmond Centre Dental Clinic, we thoroughly assess your gums in order to detect the presence of any gum disease. We gently remove the harmful deposits that accumulate on your teeth and can contribute to gum and other dental diseases. If the presence of any gum disease is detected, we use specific deep cleaning methods to stop the disease progression and, at times, even eradicate the disease. We also show you how best to take care of your teeth and gums to address and prevent dental diseases.

Our mouth, teeth, gums, tongue, lips and facial structure provide much of our enjoyment in life – the ability to speak, smile, kiss, taste, chew and swallow. Our emotions, appearance, self-image and self-esteem are easily affected by the condition of our mouth, teeth, and smile. Oral hygiene is important to overall health: research is now showing a strong correlation of gum disease to other systemic diseases such as heart disease, diabetes and even prostate cancer. By taking good care of our oral health now, you can prevent gum disease, tooth loss and help maintain overall health.

Children’s Dentistry

All parents want to give their children the very best this includes health and dental care. Did you know that the Canadian Dental Association recommends children make their first dental visit by the age of one? As soon as teeth start to erupt, it’s important to make sure you know how to take care of them. At Richmond Centre Dental Clinic, we not only take care of your children’s teeth, but we teach you and your children how to care for them.

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