Oral Cancer Screening

Oral Cancer ScreeningAs part of this examination, we use advanced technology called Velscope to examine your oral tissues. Through the use of computers and filters, Velscope enables us to examine and check for abnormalities in layers of the tissues that are deeper than the human eye alone can see, enabling any abnormalities to be detected early. This provides you with the best oral cancer screening currently available.

Our Richmond dentists will carefully review all the information to identify a diagnosis and a treatment plan specifically designed for you including all of the various treatment options. The findings and treatment options will be thoroughly explained to you. At Richmond Centre Dental Clinic, our dentists will answer any questions you may have. Our goal is to leave you with a thorough understanding of your dental conditions and the treatment required to restore your teeth and gums to optimum dental health.

Regular Dental Care

Regular dental examinations can save you money by alleviating problems while they are small and before they become expensive to repair, or in some cases, impossible to repair.

Laser Treatment

Our clinic uses a hard and soft tissue laser to provide you with the most pain free experience possible. The Waterlase® features laser technology that allows us to perform exceptional dentistry with superior clinical outcomes and a more pleasant patient experience. Heat and vibration are the causes of most of the pain associated with the drill. Since cutting the tooth with laser technology does not cause heat or vibration, most dental procedures can be performed with no pain, virtually eliminating the need for anaesthesia (freezing).

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